After many years in the broadcast and print advertising fields, MediaWorks founder created his first website in 1996.  Since that time, we've produced a number of sites for organizations and businesses throughout Northern Maine, where we're located.  We've expanded our client base to include businesses around the country who appreciate our creative, results oriented approach.

For many businesses, a website is one component in an advertising strategy that also includes more traditional media, such as broadcast and print.   It's important that your site present material that answers questions that other media generate, and that you're able to present a consistent image and message.  We are uniquely qualified to help you achieve that goal.

We also have clients whose business exists solely as an online entity.  How do you get noticed when you are competing with others whose marketing budget is several times yours? 

We invite you to compare our prices and services to other web design firms in the area. We are confident our previous work, satisfied customers and competitive prices speak for themselves.

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